Griechischer Bergtee    Greek mountain tea                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

A drink   from   the plant Sideridis Raeseri known as mountain tea which is cultivated    from   the mountain tops of Othris in Greece, with lots of beneficial attributes that is found in   the components of ethereal oil, as in flavonoedi.

  In ancient Greece it was used in the healing of wounds   and it was believed to be beneficial to the heart. Its consumption in winter has a beneficial effect on colds and inflammation of the respiratory system, which is due to its inflammatory, bactoriostatic and antioxidant action. Its therapeutic attributes help in the fighting of illnesses of the urinary system and diseases of trichoid vessels and heart due to the flavonoedi substances, which it contains.

   It fights anaemi because it has Fe.

   Preparation instructions

   Lightly bowl a few shoots of tea. The contents of this packet are enough for  more  than 25 cups of  tea. The same shoots can be boiled a  second time. The drink is savoury and aromatic which can de drunk hot or cold with sugar, honey or by itself.

   Alternative ways of use  

  Bouquets of dried tea can de used as decoration. It is an original gift for the old and patients in hospitals. .