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   The biological products mountain tea and oregano are packaged in rectangle parallelepiped paper  boxer 28x10x4 with gelatin wrapping. The content is 40 gr. The products are placed there, after their natural drying up. It’ s noteworthy that they haven’ t been processed. Concerning the organoleptic features of mountain tea, Coedam mentions that the aroma during its preparation (boiling   lightly a few shoots of tea ) is due to the volatile ingredients of oil which are released relatively early, while substances -like flavonoedi - are transferred gradually to the water, giving to the drink its distinctive colour.  There’ s also an important difference between black tea and mountain tea;  black tea owes its aroma and flavour   to the stages of processing, in contrast to the drink of  “siderites” which almost maintains the aroma of the plant itself  since there has been no fermentation or other alteration apart from its drying up.


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